Saturday, 12 August 2017

How To Buy Airtime/Recharge Card From Skye Bank Account 2017

Do you have a Skye Bank account? Do you want to buy airtime / credit to your line right from your Skye bank account without buying from recharge card seller? If yes, then I will be share you the code and how to buy recharge card right from your Skye bank account in this article.

Buy Airtime from First Bank with USSD Code

Buying recharge cards has been made easy than ever before.With the help of USSD code feature, you can now buy airtime from your bank account without buying from all this road side recharge cards seller. With airtime USSD code, you didn't have to queue to ATM before you can buy airtime to your line.

All you need is the sim or line you used to register your Skye bank account, a network coverage, sufficient fund in your bank account and a phone (any type of phone works). Now that you already meet the requirement then let me sharply show you how to buy airtime or credit from your skye bank account by just dialing a code.

How To Buy Airtime From Skye Bank

Simply dial *833*Amount# or *389*076*1*Amount#
Example: If you want to recharge N100 from your Skype bank account, just dial *833*100# or *389*076*1*100# and your sim will be credited immediately.

Note: you need to use the phone number associated with your bank account before you can use this service.