Monday, 17 July 2017

Latest AnonyTun VPN v2.6 Settings For Glo And Etisalat Free Browsing

AnonyTun VPN has released a new update that will increase the speed of our Glo 0.0kb free browsing cheat, and Etisalat 0.0kb nxtfwd cheat.

After from being faster, this latest Anonytun update v2.6 is more stable (with less disconnection), and it fixes some other bugs. If you open your old AnonyTun VPN, you know it shows a loading screen, but this latest version 2.6 removed it so you can now get into the application quickly.

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Glo 0.0kb anonytun free browsing cheat

Firstly, you'll have to configure your APN by navigating to your phone settings, then click on "More options", then on "cellular network". Now select Access Point Name and edit as follows:

=> Name: Glo 00 AnonyTun
=> APN: gloflat
=> APN Type: Default, Supl
=> Proxy & Port: Blank
=> Username & Password: flat

Alternatively, you can use the latest Glo 0.0kb APN settings we shared, which is blazing hot.

Glo AnonyTun VPN Configuration/Settings

Now install and launch AnonyTun VPN, then configure thus:

=> Click on Stealth Settings, and turn it ON
=> Change connection protocol to HTTP, and connection Port to 80
=> Now, turn ON Custom TCP/HTTP Headers. and click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
=> A new screen will display, input in URL/HOST
=> Change request method to POST and injection method to Normal
=> Tick User-Agent, but leave other boxes un-checked.
=> Now click on Generate, then Save!

Finally, click on Connect, then wait a few seconds for AnonyTun to connect.


etisalat nxtfwd 60mb anonytun cheat

=> Launch AnonyTun VPN, click on Stealth Settings and turn it ON
=> Change connection protocol to HTTP, and connection Port to 8080.
=> Turn ON Custom TCP/HTTP Headers, and click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.

=> In the new screen, input in URL/Host
=> Change request method to POST, and Injection method to Normal
=> Tick User-Agent box, but leave other boxes un-ticked
=> Now click on Generate, then Save.

etisalat anonytun settings

You can now hit the Connect button and see the magic of AnonyTun VPN.

I hope you enjoyed this post?